If you live on the mainland, out of country, or on another island, and plan to attend the wedding, here’s a few recommendations/deals from us on ACCOMMODATIONS, FLIGHTS, and RENTALS.

Suggested travel dates: May 26 – June 2 or 3. (It’s cheaper, usually, to fly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

* May is slow season for travel to Hawaii, you should pay around $430 for LAX to Kauai flights.
*note:  we (and our families) will likely have more undistracted time to spend with you AFTER the wedding cause we plan to hold off on the honeymoon to spend time with you!

Our travel agent, Pat Edwards, or anyone at Kilauea Travel, will be happy to help find you good airfare – 1-808-828-1314
*they always go above and beyond to find the best deals, and play with dates to find the best fares! But we suggest that if you plan to take Hawaiian Air, you buy directly from the airline.