Wedding Info

Our wedding day was incredible! Most people have been saying it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to. Well, that’s all thanks to our great God who (1) gave us beautiful weather (2) joined us with His presence & brought joy & blessings to all the guests (3) united Becky & Noah in His love. Also, it couldn’t have been so great without our fantastic friends and family who helped plan, set up, decorate, run the event, smile, laugh, love, dance, and then clean up afterwards! We are blessed!

DATE: May 31, 2009 (Sunday)
TIME: 5:00pm*
CEREMONY & RECEPTION LOCATION: private estate in Kilauea, on the island of Kauai, Hawaii

Lindsey Baumgartner (Becky’s Sister-in-Law)
Bethany Hamilton (Noah’s Sister)
Patricia Cummings (Becky’s friend from college)
Leah Gonzalez (Becky’s friend from high school)
Sara Thresher (Becky’s friend from elementary, and college roommate)
Nicole Milkie (Becky’s college roommate)
Jessica Comiskey (Becky’s college roommate)
Kate Coogan (Becky’s college roommate)
Carla Boone (Becky’s friend from church on Kauai)
Chelsey Seney (Becky & Noah’s friend from Kauai)
Naomi Nicholson (Becky & Noah’s friend from Kauai)
Rebecca Owen (Becky’s friend from church on Kauai)

Nathan Teixeira (Best Man, Noah’s Friend from growing up)
Tim Hamilton (Noah’s Brother)
Luke Baumgartner (Becky’s Brother)
Kimo Clark (Noah’s Friend)

Flower Girls:
Chelsea Schneider (Hamilton family friend)
Autumn Seney (N+B’s friends Sequoia+Chelsey’s daughter)