Happy New Year!

We just wanted to update you all with what’s going on in our life going into 2010.

We are finishing up a few of Noah’s photo jobs and he is transitioning into working on the movie about his sister, Bethany, which is in pre-production right now. The film, Soul Surfer, will be starting production (filming) in February. Noah and I will be living on Oahu while the movie films, and a little before that to help with preparations for production. We will be moving over there in about a week.

Becky is trying to wrap-up some of the major Bethany assisting work and get ready to work on the movie full time, while still maintaining the assisting.

Thank you cards from the wedding are slowly but surely getting written & sent. We are about half-way through the alphabetical list! It’s been a joy to sit down and think of all the ways our friends & family have impacted us and blessed us :)

Anyway, God is making himself known to us in new ways and revealing our inner need for Him on a daily basis. It’s like, just when you think you have everything together, God makes you realize you don’t, and you realize you don’t even want yourself to control anything cause it’ll turn out way better when He does it! ¬†We want Him to motivate our and every thought and action this year. Which will be challenging, for sure, as we are both slight control-a-holics… Haha!

May God bless you and change you this year to be more like Him!


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