Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

Aloha everyone Becky and I are married!!!!! Wooohoooo, cheeeewhoooooo, allllrrriiiggghhhtt………..

Yesterday was a dream come true and a picture perfect beautiful day. Vows, Food, Dancing, Family, Friends, FUN FUN FUN!!!!!

Right now Becky is getting her make-up done by our talented friend Sarah Hill. As soon as it’s done, it’s back in the wedding dress to go on a photo shoot with our photographers. feel free to check them out to an idea of the type of images we might capture today. –

After our photo shoot we are hanging out with family and opening gifts.

We are just jumping on the computer to read your comments and thank everyone who came to the wedding or watched it live. I’m reposting the video so you can see it larger and rewatch it. It might take a little time to load so just be patient. The video is about 45min. 

Feel free to copy this link or share it with friends.

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